Bruny Island Sleepover

If You have a couple of days extra we highly recommend a Bruny Island get away.

Come from the mainland, to and island and the to another island.

There is so much to do:

Head down to the ferry terminal at Kettering - before you hop on go to

the butcher at snug if you are staying in self contained accommodation, for the best meat in Tasmania,  Sea food is also available next door.

Then pop just past Kettering and pick up some cheese at Grandewe and lunch at

Peppermint bay

Cheek the Ferry time table to Bruny Island and head over late in the afternoon, There is heaps of accommodation available but we love the low star accommodation at the pub.

Pub accommodation is not so flash but they have a great view and good food.

After a good nights sleep why not have an adventure by Boat with Bruny Island Charters

Once you get to Bruny you will discover it is beautiful. Kids will love watching the penguins come in at night or how about heading to adventure bay at dusk and spotting white kangaroos.

This multi-award winning three-hour eco-cruise takes you through some of Tasmania's unspoiled coastline like nobody else.

After an unforgettable three hour, 50 kilometer voyage, you'll return to shore knowing you've been involved in a remarkable voyage of discovery - not just Tasmania's best, but simply one of the world's great environmental travel experiences.