North West Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain

Everyone who comes to Tassie wants to see Cradle Mountain - for me there are better places to visit but if your keen the walk is easy and views are good.

Depending on how much walking you are planning you can stay at Cradle Mountain, if you love spas stay at the lodge and if you love trees stay at lemon thyme lodge.

We have given up staying at either one of these expensive locations and now hang at the pub at Zeehan  or find a B & B near sheffield or Meander Valley.

Big weather warning here : it is rainy and cold so dress warm and pack a lunch and bring water and check in with us because distances on the map are deceptive

Natalie wins our least prepared visitor award for doing the cradle mountain walk with no water and in flip flops.

Around Cradle Mountain,

There is a well worn travel route from Launceston to Cradle Mountain. Through the Meander valley region.

Check out Railtown - Town of topiary

Check out the letterbox drive from Wilmont

Check out Sheffield - town of murals